Detect and STOP Ransomware

Canauri™ provides ransomware protection by automatically detecting and stopping actively running ransomware attacks.

Canauri™ ransomware protection can be easily included as a plug-and-play component of any layered cybersecurity solution to protect small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Canauri™ ransomware protection is continually monitoring for nefarious encryption activity. It includes self-healing elements and offline alerts to make sure your networks are always protected.

Ransomware Response Kit

Have you already been hit by ransomware? Our Ransomware Response Kit gives you actionable steps you can take to help get through the situation and protect yourself against future attacks.

What is Layered Security?

Layered Security is the practice of using multiple defense layers to slow down and prevent potential security breaches. Canauri™ can be included in any offering as a stack-agnostic feature to round out a fully-layered solution.

Ransomware Protection For Your Customers

Small and medium-sized business have become a primary target of ransomware attacks in recent years. Canauri™ offers ransomware protection and is designed specifically for these companies to get the same level of protection previously only available to enterprise customers.


cyber attacks target small businesses1


ransomware attacks occur daily2


average small business spent recovering from a cyber attack3