Free Network Tools

Secure your network with our free tools. Using these tools will help secure your network from cyber attack.

Brute-force Detection and Blacklisting

Bots and threat actors continuously sweep the Internet for open ports. Once they find a port, they brute force their way in. Using Powershell, we’ll arm your systems with an automated defense that blocks the source IP address of the brute force attack.

Ping Sweep

Enumerate and record all file shares on a full subnet. Sometimes knowing your network is half the battle. This tool is an easy way to discover what is being shared on your entire network.

Password Expiry Notification

This is a very easy to use PowerShell script to notify users that their network password is about to expire. If you aren’t comfortable using PowerShell yet, this is a great script to start with.

Employee Emergency Notification

Use this PowerShell script and Exchange to send email-to-text to all of your employees.

Are you protected?

Protect your network from the inside-out. Prevent your valuable data from becoming completely exposed to cyber criminals.