COVID-19 Information for Cybersecurity Professionals

This page is intended to provide you with resources and updates for cybersecurity professionals regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Updates will be provided daily or as needed, please check back frequently for updated information.


Ensure you have full Layered Security protection

As more things are moving online and people are self-isolating, cyber criminals are taking advantage. Not only are they getting more sophisticated, they are taking advantage of loosening security requirements so employees can work from home.

Security Information + Event Management

Combining security information management and security event management, the SIEM provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated on the network.

Endpoint Detection + Response

Provides continuous monitoring of all endpoints on the network and response to advanced threats (also called advanced threat detection).

Ransomware Protection

Canauri™ uses deception technology which sits inside the fence on your actual network, detecting and stopping ransomware.

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Articles & Useful Information

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Add ransomware protection

Canauri™ is a ransomware protection solution that can be used for home, work or both. It’s simple turn-key operation will have you protected from ransomware in a matter of minutes.